Configuring the WAPT console


The configuration file for the WAPT console is stored in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\waptconsole\waptconsole.ini. This file is automatically generated when the waptconsole is first launched and it is generated from the wapt-get.ini file configured on the Administrator’s workstation.

Several options are available in the [global] section of the waptconsole.ini file:

Description of available options for the WAPT console



wapt_server = https://srvwapt.mydomain.lan

Address of the WAPT Server.

repo_url = https://srvwapt.mydomain.lan/wapt

Address of the main WAPT repository.

last_usage_report = 03/01/2017 18:45:51

Date when the WAPT console was last used.

http_proxy =

Address of the proxy server in the console.

use_http_proxy_for_server = 0

Use a proxy to connect to the WAPT Server from the console.

use_http_proxy_for_repo = 0

Use a proxy to connect to the main WAPT repository from the console.

default_package_prefix = tis

Prefix used for naming WAPT packages.

default_sources_root = C:\waptdev

WAPT base package development folder.

personal_certificate_path = C:\private\mykey.crt

Path to the certificate associated with the Administrator’s private key.

send_usage_report = 1

Allows the WAPT console to send anonymous statistics to Tranquil IT.

language = en

Language of the WAPT console.

advanced_mode = 0

Launches the console in debug mode.

verify_cert = C:\Program Files (x86)\wapt\ssl\server\srvwapt.mydomain.lan.crt

For verifying HTTPS certificates.

waptservice_timeout = 2

Timeout for actions applied to WAPT agents (ex: update).

enable_external_tools = 0

Displays the actions that call external applications (RDP, VNC, etc…).

enable_management_features = 0

Displays the button to create self-signed certificates or to create the WAPT agent’s installer.

hide_unavailable = 0

Hides actions that are not available for the WAPT agent.

check_certificates_validity = 1

Forces the package certificate’s date and CRL to be verified.

sign_digests = sha256,sha1

List of allowed signature algorithms for the WAPT packages.

Configuring external repositories

You may add several external repositories by adding [sections] in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\waptconsole\waptconsole.ini.



Description of available options for external repositories



repo_url = http://srvwapt.mydomain.lan/wapt

Address of the external WAPT repository.

http_proxy = http://proxy.mydomain.lan:8080

Address of the proxy to use to access the external repository referenced in the [section].

verify_cert = 1

For verifying HTTPS certificates.

public_certs_dir =

Folder that contains the certificates used to authenticate downloaded external packages.

timeout = 2

Timeout for the external repository referenced in the [section]. If left empty, no verification is performed.

Settings for creating WAPT packages

Description of available options for creating WAPT packages



personal_certificate_path = C:\private\coder.crt

Path to the private key to be used to sign packages.

default_sources_root = C:\waptdev

WAPT base package development folder.

default_sources_root_host = C:\waptdev\hosts

WAPT host package development folder.

default_package_prefix = tis

Default prefix for new WAPT packages.

default_sources_suffix = wapt

Default suffix for new WAPT packages.