Using the more common functions in WAPT with the command line

wapt-get update

The update command allow to update the list of available packages.

The local WAPT agent will download Packages file from the private repository and compare it to its local database.

  • If new updates are available, the WAPT agent switches the packages status to TO-UPGRADE;
  • If new software have been added on the repository, they become downloadable by the WAPT agent;


The update command does not download packages, it only updates the local database of packages.

The command wapt-get update returns:

Update package list
Total packages : 751
Added packages :

Removed packages :

Upgradable packages :
Repositories URL :

wapt-get upgrade

The command wapt-get upgrade allows to launch the installation of packages waiting to be upgraded or waiting to be installed.

The local WAPT agent downloads if necessary WAPT packages in its local cache then installs them.


It’s strongly advised to launch a wapt-get update command before launching a wapt-get upgrade command;

Without previously launching a update, the WAPT agent will install nothing;

The command wapt-get upgrade returns:

Installing tis-mumble
Shutting down Mumble
installing Mumble 1.2.8
Installing w7demo.domain.lan

=== install packages ===
w7demo.domain.lan (=3) | w7demo.domain.lan (3)

=== additional packages ===
tis-mumble                     | tis-mumble (1.2.8-1)

wapt-get install

The install command launches the installation of a package.

The command takes on argument. That argument is the package name with the repository prefix.

To install Mozilla Firefox, the command is wapt-get install <prefix>-firefox.


If the package has not been downloaded to cache, install will first download the package to cache, then it will install it.


Installing a WAPT package with install does not add the package as a dependency to the host.

The package is installed on the machine, but if the computer is re-imaged, the package will not be reinstalled automatically.

The command wapt-get install tis-firefox returns:

installing WAPT packages tis-firefox
Installing tis-firefox.local/wapt/tis-firefox_50.0.2-73_all.wapt : 44796043 / 44796043 (100%) (33651 KB/s)
Firefox Setup 50.0.2.exe successfully installed.
Disabling auto update
Disabling profile migration from ie
Override User UI

=== install packages ===
tis-firefox                    | tis-firefox (50.0.2-73)

wapt-get remove

The remove <package name> command removes a package.

The command takes on argument. That argument is the package name with the repository prefix.

To remove Mozilla Firefox, the command is wapt-get remove <prefix>-firefox.


Removing a WAPT package with remove does not remove the package dependency on the host.

The package will effectively be uninstalled from the machine, but it will automatically be reinstalled on the next :command:`upgrade`.

To completely remove a package from a host, do a remove for the targeted package, then edit the host configuration via the WAPT console to remove the package dependency on the host.

The command wapt-get remove tis-firefox returns:

Removing tis-firefox ...

=== Removed packages ===

wapt-get clean

The clean command removes packages from the C:\Program Files (x86)\wapt\cache folder.

The clean command is launched after each upgrade to save disk space.

The command wapt-get clean returns:

Removed files :
C:\Program Files (x86)\wapt\cache\tis-mumble_1.2.8-1_all.wapt
C:\Program Files (x86)\\wapt\cache\tis-vlc_2.2.4-2_all.wapt