New in version 1.7: Enterprise

Using the reporting functions in WAPT


Feature only available with WAPT Enterprise.

Working principle

WAPT Enterprise offers advanced reporting capabilities.

Indeed, who better than you to know what you want in your report.

With WAPT we offer to write your own SQL queries to display the result in the wapt console.

WAPT query Designer

The query designer offers you the ability to edit your own queries on the WAPT PostgreSQL database.

To create a new report, click on Reporting ‣ Design Mode ‣ New query.

Designing a query in WAPT reporting

Designing a query in WAPT reporting


  • to rename a query, press the F2 key;
  • in the top banner, you can write your SQL query;

To edit / modify / save your reports:

  • the Reload queries button is used to reload queries saved on the server, for example, if a colleague has just edited a new query;
  • the New query button will add a new blank query to the list;
  • the Delete query button will delete the selected query from the WAPT server;
  • the Export to Excel button will export the result of your query to a spreadsheet;
  • the Save queries button will save your query to the WAPT server;
  • the Duplicate button will duplicate an existing query to avoid writing a request from scratch;
  • the Execute button executes the selected query;


  • the queries are saved in the PostgreSQL WAPT database;
  • the shortcut CTRL+space allows you to build your queries more effectively;

Query examples

  • Computers list:
select computer_name,os_name,os_version,os_architecture,serialnr from hosts order by 4,3,1
  • Computers MAC addresses and IP:
select distinct unnest(mac_addresses) as mac,
unnest(h.connected_ips) as ipaddress,  computer_fqdn,h.description,
h.manufacturer||' '||h.productname as model,
from hosts h
order by 1,2,3
  • Windows versions:
select host_info->'windows_version' as windows_version,

os_name as operating_system,
count(os_name) as nb_hosts
from hosts
group by 1,2

Normalizing the name of software

To solve this problem, we propose to standardize the name of the software with WAPT.

Normalizing the name of software

Normalizing the name of software

  • click Normalize Software Names in the Tools menu;
  • select the software to standardize, for example, all different version of Adobe Flash Player;
  • on the column normalized, press F2 to assign a standardized name to the selected software. Then press Enter;


  • to select several programs, select them with the shift-up/down key combination;
  • you can also indicate a software like windows update or banned (Press spacebar in the corresponding column);
  • press on Import to load the changes from the server;
  • press on Write to save your changes;

You can now run your queries on this standardized name.