Using WAPT SelfService

New in version 1.7: Enterprise


Feature only available with WAPT Enterprise.


With WAPT 1.7 you can now filter the list of self-service packages available for your users.

Your users will be able to install a selection of WAPT packages without having to be a Local Administrator on their desktop.

The Users gain in autonomy while deploying software and configurations that are trusted and authorized by the Organization. This is a time saving feature for the Organization’s IT support Helpdesk.

How it works?

With WAPT 1.7, a new type of WAPT package exists beside base, group, host and unit packages: they are selfservice packages.

Create a self-service package

Create a selfservice package

A selfservice package may now be deployed on hosts to list the different self-service rules that apply to the host.

How to use the selfservice feature?

In the console go to the tab Self-service rules.

You can now create your first selfservice rule package.

  • give a name to your new selfservice package;
  • click on Add to add an Active Directory group (at the bottom left);
  • name the selfservice group (with F2 or type directly into the cell);
  • drag the allowed software and configuration packages for this selfservice group into the central column;
  • add as many groups as you want in the package;
  • save the package and deploy the package on your selection of hosts;
  • once the package is deployed, only allowed packages listed in the selfservice group(s) of which the User is a member will be shown to the logged in User;


If a group appears in multiple selfservice packages, then the rules will be merged.