Using the local web interface

Users and Local Administrators may access informations and perform WAPT actions directly from the host by visiting http://localhost:8088.

Opening the WAPT web interface

The WAPT web interface opens by Right-clicking on the WAPT icon in the Windows notification tray ‣ View software status.

It is also accessible directly from a web browser by visiting http://localhost:8088.

WAPT web interface

WAPT web interface

Description of the WAPT web interface

The WAPT agent web interface is composed of 4 tabs:

  • the WAPT tab that shows the status of the host and some system related informations;
  • the Installed packages tab that lists the packages that are installed on the host;
  • the List of packages that lists the WAPT packages available on registered repositories;
  • the Tasks that lists tasks in pending, done and error states;

Available actions from the WAPT agent web interface


  • viewing host information, updating and upgrading actions are available for every users;
  • Other actions need Local Administrator rights; they are also available to users who are members of the waptselfservice Active Directory security group.
  • Refreshing the list of available package:

    In the tab List of packages ‣ Update available packages.

  • Installing a package:

    In the tab List of packages ‣ Install the desired package.

  • clearing the cache:

    In the tab List of packages ‣ Clear package cache.