Using WAPTtray.

wapttray is a utility working in user context, it is located in the WAPT folder C:\Program Files (x86)\wapt.

wapttray launches at logon if the option has been ticked during installation. The icon will show up in the Windows tray toolbar.

We can also launch wapttray manually with a startup GPO pointing on C:\Program Files (x86)\wapt\wapttray.exe.

The tray icon is handy for autonomous users that want to choose the right moment to upgrade their packages.

WAPTtray in Windows notification tray

WAPTtray in Windows notification tray

Functionalities of the WAPTtray

List of functionalities of the WAPTtray
Action Description
Showing the status of packages launches the local web interface in a browser
Launching the installation of a update launches the installation of pending upgrades
Refreshing the list of available refreshes the list of available packages. Double-clicking on the tray icon brings about the same effect.
Launching the WAPT console launches the WAPT console
Viewing the configuration file opens the C:\Program Files (x86)\wapt\wapt-get.ini file with Local Administrator privileges (credentials may be asked)
Reloading network related service configuration reloads the connection to the WAPT Server in the event of a network reconfiguration
Uploading the host’s inventory to the WAPT Server updates the host’s inventory with the WAPT Server
Configuring all installed packages for the User launches a session-setup to configure user environment for all packages installed on the host
Canceling WAPT tasks running on the host shows running tasks, allows to cancel a running task, allows to cancel all running tasks
Stopping and starting the WAPT service stops and reloads the WAPTservice
Exiting the WAPTtray closes the tray icon without stopping the local WAPTservice