WAPT Community and WAPT Enterprise

WAPT is designed to help IT system administrators manage the lifecycle of their installed base of Windows applications.

With WAPT Enterprise, you benefit automatically from the base functions included in WAPT to help you deploy, upgrade and remove software and configurations on your Windows devices, from a central console.

WAPT is an “opencore” model and the Enterprise version is based on the Community version with the following features designed to answer the needs of large and medium organisations:

  • Active Directory authentication of WAPT package developers, package deployers, self-service users and for the initial registering of the WAPT agents with the WAPT Server. In addition, the display of WAPT equiped devices in the WAPT console follow the same structure as the hierarchical structure of the Organization’s Active Directory OU;
  • role separation between package developers and package deployers. This way, central IT teams may build the software packages because they know the Organization’s security guidelines, and local IT teams may deploy the WAPT packages because they know the needs of their users. Such a separation is implemented using differenciated sets of keys (i.e. Code Signing SSL certificates for package developers and Simple SSL certificates for package deployers);
  • simplified management of remote sites. Using your own means or appliances sold and configured by Tranquil IT, your WAPT equiped devices on your remote sites download their updates from a repository that is hosted locally, leaving the bandwdith available for business and productive uses;
  • simplified management of multiple repositories. This functionality allows to implement validation workflows and to manage multiple repositories such as a “preprod” repository to test newly created WAPT packages on a sample of devices and a “prod” repository onto which tested and validated WAPT packages are uploaded for general use;
  • advanced reposting for corporate teams. This reporting completes the operational reporting already available in the WAPT console; the reports are designed to help WAPT operators demonstrate their efficacy with WAPT for insuring a greater level of security and conformity for their network, system and applications.

The Enterprise version of WAPT is particularly advisable for Organizations:

  • that manage large installed bases of devices (generally above 300 units);
  • that are spread geographically with many subsidiaries or production sites;
  • that require a strong traceability of actions performed on their installed base of devices for reasons of audit or security;

Description of services available with the WAPT Enterprise contract

Access to future improvements in WAPT Enterprise

By subscribing to a WAPT Enterprise contract and by maintaining your subscription valid, you benefit from the future improvements brought into the core of WAPT and you benefit automatically from all future improvement of the WAPT Enterprise version.

A lapsing of your subscription will automatically switch your WAPT instance back to its corresponding Community version; advanced functions only available in the Enterprise version will no longer be accessible.

Unlimited telephone support for your daily usage of WAPT

Tranquil IT, the creator of WAPT, allows you a priviledge access to its core team of WAPT experts and developers.

We give you access to a dedicated telephone hot-line with a direct answer to satisfy your needs for support.

We are committed to providing you with reliable and pertinent answers on the subscribed perimeter, quickly.

By subscribing or renewing your WAPT Enterprise contract, you will receive a notification indicating the practicalities to follow to access our support.


The unlimited support concerns only the support on the use of the WAPT Enterprise software; additional support for adapting, personalizing, debugging or creating WAPT packages may be obtained with prepaid support tickets.

Up to three individuals in your organisation may communicate with our direct support.

Price and preferential access to WAPT training

You may choose to train your IT team on any particularity of WAPT.

WAPT Enterprise subscribers benefit from a priviledged access to Tranquil IT’s training advisers and a 50% discount on standard training prices.

Why does Tranquil IT display a 300 device limit for WAPT Community on her commercial documentation ?

Tranquil IT displays a 300 device limit on her commercial documentation for the WAPT Community version.


There is no technical restriction to using the Community version, it is available as free software.

Tranquil IT’s philosophy regarding free software is to give back a little of what we took, so it is important to us to keep our original promise to give systems administrators a mean to deploy, maintain up-to-date and remove software and configurations on their installed base of Windows devices.

What you will find in the WAPT Enterprise version are features that are designed to help administer large installed bases and we meet people in that situation, daily.

As a general rule, we have observed that advanced management needs start to be felt when the number of devices goes over 300-400 units.