Installing the WAPT Server

The WAPT Server can be installed on Debian Linux, CentOS or Microsoft Windows.


WAPT Serveur ne peut pas être installé sur un OS x86 (Linux et Windows)

Installation tips and requirements

You have to take into consideration a few security points in order to get all the benefits of WAPT:

  • We are advising to install WAPT Server on a Linux server (Debian or Centos) following the security recommandation of French ANSSI or the recommandations of your local security agency: Recommandations de configuration d’un système GNU / Linux.
  • The WAPT Server must be installed on a dedicated machine (physical or virtual).


Dans toutes les étapes de la documentation ci-dessous, nous supposons que vous n’utilisez pas d’accent ni de caractères spéciaux.

Cela comprend :

  • Les noms d’utilisateur
  • Le chemin de la clé privée et du certificat
  • Le common name
  • Le chemin d’installation de wapt.
  • Les noms de groupes
  • Nom des machines et du serveur
  • Chemin du repertoire waptdev

Hardware recommandations

The WAPT Server can be installed either on a virtual server or a physical server.

RAM and CPU recommandations are:

Size of the network CPU RAM
From 0 to 200 desktops 1 CPU core 1024MB
From 200 desktops onward 4 CPU core 4096Mo

A minimum of 10GB of free space is necessary for the system, the database and log files.

The overall disk requirement will depend on the number and size of your WAPT packages (softwares) that you will store on your main repository; 30GB is a good start.

Authenticating WAPT Administrators against Active Directory


This feature is only available in WAPT Enterprise.