Installing the WAPT Server

The WAPT Server can be installed on Debian Linux, CentOS or Microsoft Windows 64 bits only.

Installation tips and requirements

You have to take into consideration a few security points in order to get all the benefits of WAPT:


In all steps of the documentation, you will not use any accent or special character for:

  • user logins;

  • path to the private key and the certificate bundle;

  • the CN;

  • the installation path for WAPT;

  • group names;

  • the name of hosts or the the name of the server;

  • the path to the folder C:\waptdev;

Hardware recommendations

The WAPT Server can be installed either on a virtual server or a physical server.

RAM and CPU recommendations are:

Size of the network



From 0 to 200 desktops



From 200 desktops onward



A minimum of 10GB of free space is necessary for the system, the database and log files. For better performance, Tranquil IT recommends the database to be stored on fast storage, such as SSD drives or PCIe-based solid-state drives.

The overall disk requirement will depend on the number and size of your WAPT packages (software) that you will store on your main repository; 30GB is a good start. It is not strictly required to store WAPT packages on fast drives.

Installing WAPT Server with Ansible