Installer WAPT sur Microsoft Windows


  • Le serveur WAPT ne peut pas être installé sur une machine qui écoute déjà sur le port 80 et 443 (exemple WSUS avec IIS).

  • les ports 80, 443 et 8080 sont utilisés par le serveur WAPT et doivent être disponibles ;

  • If ports 80 and 443 are already occupied by another web service, you should take a look at the Microsoft official documentation for changing the default ports on Windows

  • le port 8088 est utilisé sur les postes clients par l’agent WAPT et doit être disponible ;

  • WAPT Serveur n’est pas installable sur une version x86 de Windows ;

  • The installation of the WAPT server must be done using a Local Administrator account on the host;


Nginx is the ONLY supported web server with WAPT. Apache or IIS (with or without WSUS) are NOT supported in WAPT.

En cas de difficulté lors de l’installation de WAPT, visitez les questions fréquentes.


  • installing WAPT on a Linux server is the recommended method, unless you are trialling WAPT and you are not familiar with Linux;

  • the WAPT Server may be installed on 64bit system only for fresh Windows version currently supported by Microsoft


The server component of WAPT works just as well on a win10 client VM or a physical machine as it does on a Windows server version.



Follow this procedure for getting the right packages for the WAPT Discovery Edition. For WAPT Enterprise Edition please refer to the next block.


Not Available as of 2021-06-04.

WAPT Discovery will be release later. For the free version, refer to wapt-1.8 documentation



To access WAPT Enterprise resources, you must use the username and password provided by our sales department.


The installation of the WAPT server must be done using a Local Administrator account on the host

  • choose the installation language;

Choose the language for WAPT

Choisir la langue pour WAPT

  • accept the GNU Public License and click on Next to go on to the next step;

Accept the WAPT license terms

Accepter la licence pour le logiciel WAPT

  • choose the installation directory (leave the default) and click on Next to go on to the next step;

Choose the WAPT destination folder

Choisir le dossier d’installation de WAPT

  • choose additional task (leave the default);

Choose additional task

Choisissez une tâche supplémentaire

  • choose the password for the WAPT server;

Choose Password

Choisir un mot de passe

Skip create the signature key

Skip create the signature key

Skip build the WAPT agent

Skip build the WAPT agent

  • click on the Install to launch the installation, wait for the installation to complete.

Progress of installation of the WAPT Server

Progression de l’installation

Installation has finished

Installation has finished

  • click on Finish to close the

The WAPT Server on your Windows is ready

Le serveur WAPT sur Windows est prêt.


For security, do not run the WAPT console or your WAPT package development tool on the WAPT server.

Your server is now ready. You may now go to the documentation on Installing the WAPT management console.