WAPT release Strategy

WAPT does not release on a fixed date schedule.

Instead Tranquil IT will release a new major version of WAPT when new major functional updates are integrated into the core of the product.

Tranquil IT will release intermediary minor versions of WAPT between major releases to correct functional and security defects.

Release delay between the Enterprise and the Community versions

A new major version will be released as Community and that same version will be released as an Enterprise RC1. Before releasing, the Community version will have undergone thorough internal testing to insure no regression has slipped into the core of WAPT.

Community users are encouraged to update to the new major version.

The Enterprise release will cycle through several RCs and the final general availability Enterprise version will then become available between 4 and 8 weeks after the release of the Community version.

This delay will provide several benefits to the Enterprise release process:

  • allow additional time to perform in depth testing of the new Enterprise features while avoiding regressions;

  • allow Tranquil IT to work with a small set of selected Enterprise customers to insure upgrade procedures work smoothly;

  • give a little time to the forum and the mailing list to index questions and answers to eventually include into the official documentation;

  • give the documentation team a fixed functional target to document the new or improved features;

  • give the translation team the necessary delay to update translations;

  • give the communication and marketing team a fixed functional target and a capacity to backward schedule announcements, video podcasts and overall promotion;