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Welcome to WAPT’s official documention by Tranquil IT, last compiled on 2018-10-12.

WAPT est une solution de déploiement logiciel dont le coeur est Open-Source (GPLv3).

WAPT exists in two flavors, WAPT Community and WAPT Enterprise.

Security Certification

Visa de sécurité de l'ANSSI

Security Visa from ANSSI dated 14th of February 2018 for WAPT Enterprise Edition

Les solutions de cyberscurité sont nombreuses et variées, mais toutes n’offrent pas le même niveau d’efficacité, de robustesse et de confiance.

Les Visas de sécurité que délivre l’ANSSI permettent d’identifier facilement les plus fiables d’entre elles et reconnues comme telles à l’issue d’une évaluation réalisée par des laboratoires agréés selon une méthodologie rigoureuse et éprouvée.

Security Certification from French Cyberdefense Agency ANSSI

Following its first level security certification obtained on 14 february 2018, WAPT has been prized with a higher level certification <https://www.tranquil.it /wp-content/uploads/qualification-anssi-tranquil-it.pdf>`_ from ANSSI.

Main features

For System Administrators:

  • install software and configurations silently;
  • maintain up to date an installed base of software and configurations;
  • configure software at the system and user level to reduce the load on support teams;
  • remove unwanted or out of cycle software and configurations silently;
  • give Users more autonomy to install software safely and reliably;
  • reduce as much as possible the consumption of bandwidth on remote sites to preserve it for productive uses;

For IT Security Officers

  • pilot the software installed base to converge to a security standard acceptable to the Organization;
  • prepare your enterprise for the coming GDPR and help your DPO keep his register of data processing, because you two will become close colleages;
  • to no more tolerate machines operating in “Administrator” mode;
  • reduce the level of exposure to software vulnerabilities and lateral movement attacks;
  • bring up audit indicators for a better knowledge of the state of installed IT devices and their global security;
  • be prompt to deploy updates to react to cyber attacks like Wannacry or notPetya

For End-Users

  • have your software configured to work well in the context of your Organization and trust that they will work correctly;
  • reduce your need for support by your IT teams, whose reaction times are often long becuase of their workloads;
  • to build a better contact with your IT support teams because IT works better as malfunctions happen less often because of standard, better managed and more predictable software configurations;

Source code repository

You may access the source code by visiting Tranquil IT’s GitHub repository located at https://github.com/tranquilit/WAPT.

How to contribute?

You may want to have a look at our contribution guide.

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