Synchronizing WAPT inventories to GLPI WAPT Enterprise feature only

Working principle

WAPT Enterprise offers synchronization between the inventories of your hosts and GLPI ITSM Software.

The method automatically synchronizes changes on your IT infrastructure with the GLPI server.


WAPT can synchronize with GLPI 10 using the native JSON API.

WAPT can synchronize with GLPI version 9.x using the FusionInventory plugin with XML format.


GPLI on WAPT does not work with Kerberos authentification for GLPI.

If you use Kerberos for GLPI, exclude glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/ from the Nginx authentification.


Installation mode has changed since WAPT 2.2.2. Synchronization now goes throught a WAPT package and is not directly integrated in the WAPT server anymore. The configuration GUI for GLPI in the WAPTConsole has beed removed.

Installing the required dependencies for GLPI 9.x

In order to receive inventories on the GLPI server, the FusionInventory plugin will need to be installed on the GLPI server. This is not required for GLPI 10 which has its own native JSON API.

After installing FusionInventory on the GLPI server, an endpoint needs to be configured on the WAPT Server to send the inventories to the GLPI server:


Configuring WAPTAgent and sync package

Install and configure the WAPT Agent on the computer that will run the synchronization. The WAPTAgent is installed by default on the WAPTServer, it just need to be configured.

To configure the WAPTAgent, please refer to the corresponding documentation.

Then you need to install the GLPI sync package:

  • for GLPI 9.x, you need to install the package tis-glpi-plugin-export-to-glpi9

  • for GLPI 10.x, you need to install the package tis-glpi-plugin-export-to-glpi10

You need to configure a audit schedule on the agent


Dans le répertoire $WAPT_HOME/private, modifier les fichiers glpi.ini et wapt_api.ini

username = glpi
password = xxxxxxx
url = https://glpi.xx.xxxxx.xx/plugins/fusioninventory/
username = waptregister
password = waptregister2021!
url =

To test the current configuration, you can trigger an audit

wapt-get audit tis-glpi-plugin-export-to-glpi9
# or
wapt-get audit tis-glpi-plugin-export-to-glpi10

Current items sent by WAPT to the GLPI server

Description of items



Not sent

Computer name

feature available

User name

feature available


feature available

OS name

feature available

OS version

feature available


feature available


feature available


feature available


feature available

Chassis type

feature available

Physical or virtual

feature available

Network card configuration

feature available

Printer list and properties

feature available

Installed software 1

feature available

Network drives

feature available

Environment variables 2

feature available

Display screens references

feature available

Mouse and keyboard references

feature not available

Controllers card references (except graphic card)

feature not available

Antivirus version

feature not available

Firewall state

feature not available

Local group list

feature not available

Memory bank list and state

feature not available

USB ports list and connected devices

feature not available

Printer status

feature not available

Card readers

feature not available

System wide Appx list

feature not available



Not including system wide Appx install


Currently both system and system-wide user environment variables are included.

Possible errors in reported inventory on the GLPI server

Inventories uploaded by the WAPT Server to the GLPI server may be incomplete or may have errors when compared to inventories uploaded directly by the FusionInventory agent deployed on hosts. One reason is that WAPT aims to report only the most important values.

If you feel that important items are missing or are reported in a wrong way, please report the issue to the Tranquil IT dev team.

To report the issue, you will need to send 2 .xml files.

  1. First, install the FusionInventory agent on the computer on which you are observing a missing or wrongly reported inventory item.

  2. Run the FusionInventory agent and extract the report into a .xml file.

"C:\Program Files\FusionInventory-Agent\fusioninventory-inventory" > %TEMP%\inventory.xml
  1. Set the debug directory in the waptserver.ini.

glpi_inventory_debug_directory = /tmp/glpi
  1. Restart the WAPT Server

  2. Retrieve the /tmp/glpi/UUID.xml file from the WAPT Server, the UUID being the identifier of the host.

  3. Send the 2 files to the Tranquil IT dev team.